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Dear Amir

The body scan audio is amazing. I have had relaxation audios in the past, but nothing like this one. I use it most days and the difference it makes is incredible.

I had a virus about 7 years ago, which then led to chronic fatigue and the pain in my neck and shoulders has been awful.

I also suffer from kidney failure and have had my transplant for 13 years and now have only about 20% kidney function, so I do get very tired, especially as I am still working. When I get over-tired I still get a lot of pain in my lower neck and across the top of my back. I have also had other family difficulties going on which have made me feel very stressed and tense.

I have found that using the body scan audio makes such an incredible difference and now find that almost as soon as I start listening I relax, the way the warmth I feel starting at my feet and reaching my head is amazing and so healing!

I have also found it makes such a difference in everyday life i.e. visits to the dentist and many other situations which can be quite stressful. I tell everyone about it and will continue to do so.

I work in the Sixth Form of a large school and come across some young people who are suffering with ME/Chronic Fatigue and have passed on the details about the body scan audio to them. I have also found it very helpful when talking to students who suffer from panic attacks.

Thank you.

- Rachel

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