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ME Recovery Stories - Nicole

Hi Amir - people tell me I am like my old self again, but I tell them NO, I AM BETTER!

Everyday I strive to 'Live the life I love'. To do this I have changed my job, (I don't go back till september) and have made happy positive friendships and have lost some too.

My mind is in a wonderful place and my body is still a work in progress. Occasionally I have symptoms but am not 'doing them' and forget quickly and move on. I know I will get there!

I met two people who had been on your course a couple of years ago - they said they immediately felt as good as new. Of course it does work but for me it was not an over-night cure and I feel people should know that. For me it was slowly slowly and having high expectations was a hindrance.

What I especially take away with me is being happy in everything I do, or just don't do it! It's so simple you can miss it, I certainly had. The other one is what has your mind holds your mind.

I do cry more but they are happy tears. Doing things I never thought I would do or feel again. Singing and dancing in my bedroom to the radio, conquering my fear of the 'cross-trainer' at the gym....

My life is busy and happy and I want to thank you for that.
Keep doing what you do best, giving people back their lives.

- Nicole


Update August 2008

I have just finished my first week back at work in officially 1 year of being off sick and 2 1/2 yrs of suffering and struggling. I feel great. I was of course very tired, but who wouldn't be!! It is also a new job so I had the added pressure of making friends and fitting in. But I took it all in my stride.

Feeling healthy and well are my top priorities. In fact one colleague said I have a very calming influence in the classroom!! Nobody would have said that a year ago!!I feel it isn't just my health that is better but my whole outlook on life is healthier too.

I have been congratulating myself all week and am very proud.


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