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ME Recovery Stories - Molly


I am 14 yrs old and 100% better after attending Amir Norris' practice in Wales!!...I can’t believe how incredible I feel!

Let me tell you how it all began
Autumn 2002:
We were on holiday in France and I got Tonsillitis, then an ear infection straight after Tonsillitis. I never really recovered from them - then M.E. set in. I had M.E for nearly 4 years - it was horrible.

The first 2 years I was practically bed bound all of the time, any simple task like washing my hair was nearly impossible. I sometimes didn’t wash it or have it cut for months!

The 3rd year I was so bad, my consultant diagnosed an additional problem - Crohns Disease, a tummy complaint. In May that year my Crohns got worse and my M.E. was bad too, I went into hospital for 6 wks mainly to change medication for my Crohns Disease but also to try an improve my M.E.

I didn’t enjoy hospital but it did help alot, my Crohns was significantly better and with help from Physio’s I had learnt to sit up and then to walk again. When I came out of Hospital I was keeping myself going but I needed something extra, so my parents got me a wonderful puppy - Maizy!! A toy poodle, she was and is so brilliant, she really helped me keep going and kept me cheerful!

After a year or so , I was able to do a short walk and car journey and little things like that, but I still struggled with energy a lot and wanted my normal life back! I had heard from a friend of mine that she had gone to learn what Amir teaches and was now 100% better, also from a pal of my mum’s who had gone too , she had just walked 3 miles after the training, having been bed bound for many years!

I was amazed by these stories and wanted it to happen to me, so me and my family made the arrangements, I filled in the forms and I hoped it would work and off we went to see Amir in Wales!

After the drive down to Wales with my mum and dad (and Maizy!), I was shattered but very excited and nervous!!
Wales was beautiful, stunning, particularly where we stayed.
The next morning, we headed off to Amir’s house, I met the group I was in, and they were really friendly which helped!

The 1st session was around 6 hrs long , I was really worried this would tire me a lot, but it didn’t , I coped and felt surprisingly bubbly afterwards - knowing this was going to work!

The next day I felt even more bubbly and could feel it working for definite. I was so determined! I even went for a half an hour walk on the beach after the session, it was incredible! I was elated!

The final session, I was 100% better! I could just feel it, I was so happy! I went shopping for a few hours before I saw Amir. I walked all the time, my muscles ached because I hadn’t used them properly for 4 yrs but it didn’t tire me at all - I was well!

Leaving Wales was sad; I definitely had and have a great connection with it after the training! Being back home, at first I was a bit nervous of how I was going to cope going into new places and new situations but I did them and I coped 100% no problems and that’s given me great confidence.

Roughly 2 months on, I am achieving all my challenges, one being - School. I have been in for English and other subjects and I am loving it! Lacking Energy is a thing of the past!

I would 100% recommend what I did to anyone who wants to be well. I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I hadn’t done it. I now love my life and feel confident about my brand new future!

I hope there will be many more people who can say ‘GOODBYE M.E’ and ‘HELLO’ a great new life!!

- Molly


Update 2008

I thought i would share with you some more of my achievements and adventures since being well!!

I have, gladly, finished school and my exams!! I went back to school full time and loved it! I am now having to decide about which college to go to!! I have been accepted on a drama course at a college after a nerve-wracking audition!!! I have recently taken part in a local mile and a half raft race!! and came 3rd. But 1st in the fancy dress!!! I have just arrived back from London , where i stayed with my sister and we saw 'Dirty Dancing' in the theatre...was incredible!! I have done sooooo many other things....but basically I am STILL 100%

I will continue to steer others in your direction! lots of my friends and pen pals have been to you since I have been and have recovered 100%!!! yay!

WELL!!!!!!!!!! thank you sooooo much ...again!!! I really believe that it is down to the individual's determination and courage whether they recover or not, but I do believe that the teaching and teacher has an important thank you!

- Molly

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