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ME Recovery Stories - Amy


At first I had doubts about the course Amir was running because I didn't want to get my hopes up of becoming normal only to crash and burn. So for a few months I didn't want to go. But after my great grandma died I realised I couldn't stand the suffering I was going through, I was sick and tired of being tired.

I was accepted onto the course and I was thrilled for some reason just knowing this could be the start of a new life, I felt slightly happier and better in myself. On the second day of the course I was able to walk up a big and very steep hill, and I had never felt prouder of myself in my whole life!

I am now able to exercise for however long I want, I can talk for hours non stop (my family can't get a word in sometimes!) and I feel like my old self, but better in some ways.

Even though going through ME/CFS was very difficult, it has made me stronger and more positive. I hope to start a brand new future finishing my GCSE's and I'm hoping to become a make-up artist which seemed impossible at times before, because I could only concentrate for more than 10 minutes, and only attended 20% of school.

What I have learned from Amir has changed my life forever. It hasn't just helped me to get well, it has also helped with other aspects of my life. I used to worry about anything and everything, which ruined parts of my life. But since the course I have become the positive person I was aiming to be, I try and look on the bright side of life (as Eric Idle says).

I'm so grateful for this new chance of a better life and I hope my story has helped you decide what you want to do. I highly recommend seeing Amir - you wont regret it, I didn't.


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  • Make simple lifestyle changes that support your recovery.

  • Find your way back to a happy life.

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