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ME/CFS Recovery Courses

Energy Excellence Course

Online Training

R. Amir Norris B.Sc.(Hons)

Who is the course for?

The Energy Excellence Course is specialist help for M.E., Chronic Fatigue, Post Viral Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Adrenal Fatigue. The Course is a non-drug intervention that you can access via video training over the Internet.

How Effective is the Approach?

As an experienced Consultant Fatigue Therapist wo had ME/CFS himself, with over 20 years experience in the stress management field, R. Amir Norris B.Sc. has trained several hundred people aged 8 to 80 to achieve consistent remarkable results. The approach is so effective that he now offers the online courses on a no-improvement no-fee basis. See our satisfaction guarantee below.

Because Amir also had M.E. himself for 10 years, he knows how important it is to remove the mystery that surrounds the illness and for you to know it's not your fault - this is a physical condition and not 'all in your head'.  He gives a scientific explanation for the cause of the illness and physical symptoms along with comprehensive online video training in applying the approach.

What people are saying...

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Interested in our Online Energy Excellence Course?
Click Here to see if the course is right for you and to learn how you can make the most rapid progress.

Our online course is designed to help you:

  • Learn specific tools and strategies to address root causes of fatigue and burnout.

  • Make simple lifestyle changes that support your recovery.

  • Find your way back to a happy life.


Recovery Stories

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"I am sleeping so much better and when I awaken I am ready to go. I feel refreshed and energised. People around me are noticing a huge difference in me...."
- Anne
"I can't explain how I feel about the help Amir gave me, all I can say is he has changed my life for the better..."

- Andrew

"It's now been 8 weeks since I finished the course with you and Aliya and it has been life changing for me..."

- Holly

























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