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Is Our Approach For You?

Below is what you can expect from the Online Energy Excellence Course and the steps you will need to take to gain maximum benefit from your training.

Our online training offers you professional tools and support, but ultimately you must be responsible for your own health by following the lifestyle recommendations we offer, including stress reduction and being prepared to do the initial hard work of changing any mental, emotional or physical habits that may be preventing your full health.

Many people assume that approaches like ours work like a magic bullet and all they need to do is watch the training videos and all their health problems will disappear - this is not the way holistic approaches work.

Especially with chronic health issues, you will need to implement a variety of lifestyle strategies for the training to work on the deepest level possible. For most people the effects of the training will take place within 4 - 6 weeks - some people take more time, some people take less time.

Here are the steps you will need to take to gain maximum benefit from your training. We will be happy to provide you with the training if you are willing to be responsible for applying these important steps:

  • 1. Consistency in applying the training -
    During the video course, we will advise you how to use the approach to reach maximum progress. We ask that you make a commitment to the training by making the application of the training top priority. The training works best with consistent and cumulative use.

  • 2. Reduce external stressors -
    Over-committing yourself, time wasters, energy drainers, toxic people, etc.

  • 3. Eat a Healthy diet -
    Making positive changes to your diet can support you in healing all kinds of chronic issues.

  • 4. Gentle Exercise 3 - 4 times per week -
    Rehabilitation should include some gentle exercise such as walking, stretching, yoga, etc. - anything you find comfortable and enjoyable.

  • 5. Create some quiet time each day for introspection and resting the mind -
    Meditation, guided relaxation or breathing exercises are ideal for this purpose.

  • 6. Willingness to let go of addictions that are undermining your health. For example, excessive technology use, living at a million miles an hour, over-analysing, thinking thinking thinking, chronic worrying, dwelling on the past, fearing the future etc.

We have found that the training can work on very profound levels if these basic steps are taken. We only ask that you do the best you can to follow these guidelines, as they will ensure that you receive the full benefit from the approach.

After helping hundreds of clients over the years, we'd like to share with you an overview of the client that does best with our approach. Our ideal clients:

  • are willing to take responsibility for their health - they are not just looking for a magic bullet that will instantly cure their condition.

  • are interested in understanding how their mind, emotions and body are interconnected and influence each other in a negative or positive way.

  • are generally interested in living with purpose and in balance.

  • they are happy to make recommended lifestyle changes.

  • value their health and the training process - they stick to their commitment in applying the approach consistently for at least 4 - 6 weeks, because they know how important it is.

  • are eager to learn and grow.

If this describes you, we'd love to have you attend one of our courses and you should do very well with our approach.

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"I can't believe how quickly my life has turned around and not only am I fully recovered, but my experience has made me appreciate my energy more..."
- Helen
"I have my life back again and feel freer, more balanced, focused, energised and calmer than ever before!"
- Sarah
"The turning point in my recovery was definitely the Energy Excellence Course . . ."

- George
















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