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Fibromyalgia Recovery Stories - Yolanda

fibromyalgia recovery stories

2 Weeks after Yolanda attended the Energy Excellence Course for Fibromyagia:

Hi Amir

I just want to thank you so very, very much for your Energy Excellence course.

All the tools have been, and continue to be, incredibly helpful.

I continue to wake with no fibromyalgia pain after a proper night's sleep, have been out cycling and am about to embark on a daily walking plan. I also seem to be more relaxed with work and am not getting stressed when tight deadlines loom!

I am feeling so good that I have actually committed to working at a festival in June for a week, something I previously had to give up and have missed for many years.

So once again, many, many thanks.

Kindest regards,



3 Months after Yolanda attended the Energy Excellence Course for Fibromyalgia:

Hi Amir

One of my major goals was to be able to endure, survive and enjoy working at a festival, which I haven't been able to do for a few years.

However, I have literally just returned from an extremely hot and dusty eight days at Glastonbury Festival and can quite categorically say...I DID IT!!!

I endured, survived and totally enjoyed the experience, am back at work and don't feel at all as before, when one day would have left me useless for weeks.

I am now planning next year's festivals and am hoping to get back to running my own workshops with renewed gusto!

So once again, many, many thanks for your incredible input and please feel free to post any of the above on your website as my three month update.

Many blessings to both you and Aliya xXx


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fibromyalgia recovery stories
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